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Vaccines are only available by prior arrangement
(special delivery under refrigeration is required)

Vaccines available are :


BVD, Covexin 10-in-1, Ultravac®, Rotavec®


Covexin10 pack product shot sm 1
Covexin 10-in-1
  • Ultimate in clostridial protection for valuable or fast growing stock, or for properties where "sudden death" in young stock is an issue

  • Protection against 10 strains of Clostridial bacteria

Ultravac 6 in 1 500mL
Ultravac® 6-in-1
  • Developed specifically for New Zealand sheep and cattle farmers to target the 6 clostridial pathogens that are believed to be of significance in causing clostridial disease and death in New Zealand livestock

  • Provides protection against the five standard clostridial disease that 5-in-1 vaccine cover with the addition of C.Sordelli, a known cause of sudden death in New Zealand

Rotavec Pack Shot 3D NEW Clipping
  • Protects against calf scours

  • Rotavec® Corona is the active immunisation of pregnant cows and heifers, to raise antibodies against rotavirus, coronavirus and E.Coli K99

  • Calves gain protection from these viruses by drinking the colostrum from their mothers

If you have a problem with these diseases in your beef calves Rotavec® Corona may be a good optpion for your beef herd

bovilis supplied 1
Bovine virus diaarhoea is active in many beef herds and can show up in various ways, including:
  • fewer cows in-calf

  • abortions

  • young animals that fail to thrive

BVD is a complex disease, talk to your veterinarian to determine the best options for your beef herd