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12 Sachets. Great product for correcting dehydration and acidosis in acutely affected calves

Diarrhoeic animals will die if they lose up to 15% of their body fluid. help your calves recover from scours in a matter of hours with Revive and Diarrest.

  • Superior energy source

  • Rapid fluid replacement

  • Correction of acidosis via bicarbonate and bicarbonate precursors

  • Fast restoration of potassium levels

  • No possibility of reverse osmosis

  • Earlier return to milk based diet

  • Safe to use on bobby calves

  • Available as a powder or syrup

An off-white powder containing the active ingredients per 2 litre dose:

  • (as energy sources) 40 g Dextrose and 50 g lactose; (amino acid) 2 g alanine; and

  • (electrolytes) 4.6 g Potassium chloride, 8.4 g Sodium chloride, 3.0 g Sodium bicarbonate, 2.0 g trisodium citrate, 5.0 g sodium acetate, and 3.5 g sodium acid pyrophosphate.

  • Presented as standard packs containing 12 sachets to give 12 x 2 litre doses, and as bulk packs containing 12 sachets to give 60 x 2 litre doses.

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Enerlect 3KG

High energy electrolyte formulation of the treatment of calf scours