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Behavioural problems

Separation anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorders are serious behaviour problems, but help is now at hand with CLOMICALM, a breakthrough medication that relieves the anxiety responsible for these distressing behaviours.

What is separation anxiety?

Separation anxiety occurs in dogs that are excessively or overly-bonded to their owners.  These dogs become extremely distressed when their owner is absent, even for short periods.

What are signs of separation anxiety?

When left alone, dogs with separation anxiety exhibit signs such as

  • Soiling at entry and exit points of the home

  • Frantic chewing and digging

  • Continuous barking, whining or howling

A dog with this disorder may follow you from room to room, become visibly upset when you get ready to leave, and greet you over-enthusiastically when you return.


What is an obsessive compulsive disorder?

Dogs with obsessive compulsive disorder continuously perform a repetitive behaviour to the point that they may ignore their food, their owners and normal activities.

What are signs of obsessive compulsive disorder?

Signs of obsessive compulsive disorder in dogs include:

  • Overgrooming

  • Tail chasing

  • Flank sucking

  • Excessive licking

  • Fly catching

  • Barking 


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ClomicalmŪ is a veterinary medication that relieves anxiety by targeting specific chemicals in the brain, that when naturally released, reduce feelings of anxiety, helping your dog to relax and more easily and quickly learn new, positive behaviours

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