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100% natural nutritional supplement, for feeding to horses with impaired joint function

3 Horses Flex Equine helps to maintain cartilage elasticity and aids in the repair of damaged cartilage.


The active ingredients include Glucosamine, mixed Glycosaminoglycans, Manganese Ascorbate, Copper Chelate and Zinc Chelate as well as mixed Amino-Acids.


Glucosamine is the major structural component of Chondroitin Sulphate, the principle Glycosaminoglycan (GAG) in cartilage. It is the GAGs that maintain the high water content of cartilage and hence its ability to resist the compressive forces during weight bearing. When the joints need more Glucosamine, as always happens in degenerative joint disease, the body is unable to speed up production because it is set at a fixed rate. Therefore a supplementary form of Glucosamine is beneficial. The body is able to absorb the Glucosamine and use it directly in the joints to repair and maintain the cartilage. The mixed Glycosaminoglycans include Chondroitin Sulphate and Keratin Sulphate. Both these are used in the cartilage repair process. The Manganese Ascorbate is necessary for the conversion of the Glucosamine to GAGs to occur.

Note Glucosamine alone is not effective - it needs to be in a formulation that ensures the required dose is not absorbed by the liver, but reaches the cartilage.


Copper and Zinc are important trace elements that are essential for cartilage repair and maintenance. 3 Horses Flex-Equine uses these minerals in their chelated form, which means they are absorbed quickly and efficiently from the gut.


The mixed amino-acids include high levels of Glycine and Proline, both of which are important components of collagen, the protein found in the cartilage matrix.


The nutritional supplementation of Glucosamine should be given whenever impaired joint function limits performance. Degenerative joint disease (or osteo-arthritis) is the most common cause of impaired joint function. 

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