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Bio Help Equine Supreme

Contains probiotic technology, anti stress vitamins, essential minerals and powerful antioxidants to deliver the power your horse needs to maintain digestive health

Ideal for both sports horses wanting added performance and for hacks

  • Fights the negative effects of equine stress

  • Maintains and restores digestive function

  • Fast effective relief for broad range of complaints


For optimum performance and health, horses need strong digestive health, which in turn is reliant on friendly digestive system microorganisms. Equine stress disrupts the balance and activity of friendly gut microorganisms, resulting in a breakdown of healthy gut function, and performance. This may produce a range of symptoms including loss of appetite / picky eating, loose manure, scouring, reduced condition and energy, anxiety and in extreme cases founder and laminitis. Restoring good bacteria is therefore essential.


Equine Supreme Anti Stress is a superb nutritional supplement to restore and improve digestive health and function. 


Give Equine Supreme Anti Stress throughout competition and training, new stabling, post surgery & illness, post anti-biotic / drug usage, during floating and transport, prior and during diet changes, at temperature and weather changes, birth & mating.

Dosage (Horse)

35ml first dose then 10-20ml daily throughout stress period

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