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New Zealands Online Veterinary Pharmacy


B-Boost Paste

Contains high levels of all the essential B group vitamins in one single oral dose syringe

B Boost contains no prohibited substances - safe to use prior to competition

  • should be administered 12 to 24 hours prior to competition

  • or on a regular basis for poor appetite, or to assist recovery after sickness

  • Also assists recovery from traveling long distances.

Daily dose rates full 30ml syringe when required

Active ingredients per 30ml dose:                             

Betaine                    1500mg                                                  

Vitamin B1               180mg

Vitamin B2               180mg

Vitamin B3               500mg

Vitamin B6               150mg

Vitamin B12             1500µg

Folic Acid                 150mg

Inositol                     750mg

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