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Elements Liquid Chelate (per litre)

A chelated mix of copper, selenium, cobalt, zinc and iodine- the core trace elements required in milking cows

Suboptimal trace element levels can have a negative impact on the coming seasons production, incalf rate, growth rate and general health.


  • Timely supplementation of deficient herds will save you money

  • When comparing trace element levels between years the influence that changes in farm practices (feeding more PKE or change in fertiliser) have on trace element levels can be evaluated


Take Home Messages

The movements towards the use of in-line dispensers, rather than daily drenching for getting trace elements into dairy cows has resulted in an increase in the variability that we find when blood or liver testing.

The use of supplementary feeds such as Palm Kernel has also resulted in differing requirements of trace element supplementation.


These two factors mean testing is now needed to not only look out for deficiencies, but also for potential toxicity, if large amounts of Palm Kernel have been fed.  When testing for copper in autumn and winter, liver biopsies are the preferred method, as we are looking into the 'storage tank'.


Selenium levels are very important to get right prior to calving and can play a large role in the level of retained membranes, and subsequent fertility in your herd.


Elements are a new range of oral trace element of supplements for dairy cattle, specifically developed by Franklin Vets for the North Waikato and South Auckland area.



They are extremely cost competitive, and move away from the traditional sulphate mixes, towards chelates, and amino acid blends that we believe have better uptakes.

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