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A great way to provide a sustained rise in blood calcium following administration of an IV bag of metabolic solution

Administers a full dose of calcium preventing and treating milk fever

Emulsi-Cal is an effective, apple flavoured product delivering Calcium in a form that is readily available to the cow and therefore prevents and treats milk fever effectively. Because Emulsi Cal can be used as a treatment and/or preventative for milk fever it is generally used 3 days either side of calving. Emulsi Cal can also be used as an adjunct treatment with intravenous calcium therapy for milk fever and as a general calcium supplement.


For the treatment of:

For the prevention of milk fever (hypocalcemia) in cows. Also recommended as an adjunct to intravenous calcium therapy for milk fever and as a general calcium supplement.


Product benefits:

  • Excellent flow ability, even on cold days.

  • Every 400mL pack contains 10% extra to ensure cows receive a full dose of calcium.

  • Contains Calcium Chloride which is a form of calcium that is rapidly available once administered.

  • Apple flavoured to aid palatability.

  • 400mL bottles have strengthened necks to ensure no bottle breakages during administration.

  • Research ensures Emulsi Cal is safe to use with no risk of inflammation to a cow's stomach following treatment.


Dose rate

Prevention of Milk Fever

Administer one bottle (400mL) 24 hours before calving; one bottle (400mL) at calving; one bottle (400mL) 12 hours after calving; and one bottle (400mL) 24 hours after calving.


Also as an adjunct to the use of injectable metabolic treatment of Milk Fever

Administer one bottle (400mL) as soon as the cow is able to stand, or is able to sit up and swallow normally. Repeat with a second bottle (400mL) 10-12 hours later.


General Calcium Supplementation

Administer one bottle (400mL) morning and night for 2 days.

Withholding periods:

Milk and Meat: Nil.

Proven solution to energy deficiency plus a magnesium booster

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