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Covexin 10-in-1 100ML

For the ultimate in clostridial protection for valuable or fast-growing stock, or for properties where "sudden death" in young stock is an issue

Covexin 10 is the clostridial vaccine of choice for farmers who are either breeding superior quality animals, or who farm intensively for high level production.

Covexin 10 is the clostridial vaccine for farmers of:

  • Stud, pedigree and/or stock of high genetic value

  • Stock reared on high input farm systems (i.e. high levels of supplementary feed)

  • Top producing herds/flocks

  • Fast growing stock

  • Stock with increased clostridial ’risk factors’.

Premium stock require a premium vaccine. Covexin 10 is everything a premium clostridial vaccine should be.


Covexin 10 provides unsurpassed coverage against clostridial diseases. The combination of the most relevant clostridial pathogens with the latest vaccine production technologies has resulted in a superior product that addresses the needs of both cattle and sheep farmers.

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Ultravac SD 6-in-1

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