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Vaccines are only available by prior arrangement
(special delivery under refrigeration is required)

Vaccines available are :


BVD, Ultravac®, Rotavec®


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Covexin 10-in-1
  • Ultimate in clostridial protection for valuable or fast growing stock, or for properties where "sudden death" in young stock is an issue

  • Protection against 10 strains of Clostridial bacteria

Rotavec Pack Shot 3D NEW Clipping
  • Protects against calf scours

  • Rotavec® Corona is the active immunisation of pregnant cows and heifers, to raise antibodies against rotavirus, coronavirus and E.Coli K99

  • Calves gain protection from these viruses by drinking the colostrum from their mothers

If you have a problem with these diseases in your beef calves Rotavec® Corona may be a good optpion for your beef herd

bovilis supplied 1
Bovine virus diaarhoea is active in many beef herds and can show up in various ways, including:
  • fewer cows in-calf

  • abortions

  • young animals that fail to thrive

BVD is a complex disease, talk to your veterinarian to determine the best options for your herd

Clostridial Vaccines: Going beyond 5-in-1
An appropriately administered 5-in-1 vaccination policy will protect your animals from most of the clostridial diseases such as blackleg and tetanus.  However, even when it's done correctly, "sudden death syndrome" can still occur.  The culprit is often Cl.sordelli another member of the clostridial disease family, that vaccination with 5-in-1 does not protect against.

Two doses of clostridial vaccine should be given to dairy calves at 8 weeks and 12 weeks of age, with a booster at 12 months of age.  For complete protection, older animals should be vaccinated annually; however in most cases this is not necessary.
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Ultravac SD 6-in-1

Ultravac SD 6-in-1

For active immunisation against clostridial organisms' including cl.sordelli, a cause of 'sudden death' syndrome. Prevention of puppy kidney disease, tetanus, black disease and blackleg

Covexin 10-in-1 100ML

Covexin 10-in-1 100ML

For the ultimate in clostridial protection for valuable or fast-growing stock, or for properties where "sudden death" in young stock is an issue

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