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A mix of calcium and magnesium for the treatment of milk fever, and milk fever complicated by grass staggers and to aid the restoration of normal blood glucose levels

This should be followed up with an oral Emulsical for milk fever cases or subcutaneous Magnesium Sulphate for staggers cases

Cows will often relapse if initial treatment is not followed up by the correct supportive treatment.  To prevent relapse, administer 1 bottle of oral calcium as soon as the cow is standing, and swallowing normally.  Repeat with the same dose 10-12 hours later.  


Product benefits:

  • Effective treatment for Milk Fever complicated with Grass Staggers.   Calpromag has the added benefit of Vitamin B12 included to boost appetite.

  • Available in 500mL Bomaflex (IV) bags.

  • Clearly branded and colour coded.

  • Superior draw off apparatus to aid flow ability;

  • Sterile 14g x 2'' needle packed with every bag;

  • Strong outer pouch;

  • Clearly marked graduations on a collapsible IV bag.


 Dose rate

Cattle - Inject up to 500mL by the slow intravenous route. Intravenous use of metabolic solutions may be hazardous to the animal and advice from a veterinary surgeon should be sought before administration. Alternatively up to 500mL for cattle may be injected by the subcutaneous route (under the skin) into the anterior half of the neck or over the ribs.


Massage to facilitate absorption.

Repeat if necessary after 4-6 hours. If complete recovery does not occur seek veterinary advice.  Discard unused portion within 24 hours.


Withholding periods:

Milk and Meat: Nil.

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