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Premium electrolyte product to replace electrolytes, treat acidosis, reverse dehydration and supplement energy needs

Diarrhoeic animals will die if they lose up to 15% of their body fluid. help your calves recover from scours in a matter of hours with Revive and Diarrest

Contains buffers to correct acidosis in severely affected calves and sugars and starches for energy.  

  • Ideal for fluid replacement on the first day of therapy

  • Each sachet makes 2L
    Provides broad action for complex diarrhoeas
    Recovery period is shortened
    Cost effective
    Prompt correction of acidosis
    To correct acidosis alkalinising potential is provided by bicarbonate sources with up to three times greater potential that in other Oral Rehydration Therapy (ORT) products
    Can mix with milk or water without interfering with the clotting of milk (casein) proteins. Mixing with milk may enhance the clotting mechanism as clinically observed


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