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Amphoprim Bolus

Broad-spectrum oral antibiotic (20 pack) for the treatment of bacterial enteritis of calves

For use in a wide range of primary and secondary bacterial infections due to Gram positive and Gram negative organisms

  • Oral or intrauterine administration

  • Once daily

  • Effective blood levels for up to 24 hours

  • Broad spectrum

Amphoprim Bolus is indicated in the treatment of a wide range of primary and secondary bacterial infections including:

(a) respiratory bacterial infections especially pneumonia and bronchitis;

(b) urogenital infections - pyometra, metritis, vaginitis, nephritis;

(c) gastro-intestinal infections including those caused by Salmonella spp, and E. coli pathogenic strains;

(d) local and generalised infections e.g. wound infections, joint infections, septicaemias etc


WHP Meat: 21 days Milk 5 days (120 hours). Not for use in bobby calves


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Restricted Veterinary Medicine Available only under veterinary authorisation

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