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Scourban Plus

Oral Antibiotic for the treatment of bacterial enteritis

Prevention and treatment of intestinal infections caused by bacteria


WHP Meat: 14 days Milk :35 days.


Active Constituents

Sulphadimidine 639mg, Sulphaguanidine 639mg, Sulphadiazine 852mg, Hyoscine 1.2mg, Glycine 627mg, Pectin 213mg, Kaolin 3.1g and electrolytes:

per 30mL suspension.

General Use Claim

Intestinal infections. Wide spectrum of effect, soothes and protects the gut. 




30mL per 25kg Bwt. These dosages should be doubled 

for initial treatment. Thereafter as above twice daily.

Not for use in bobby calves

Please note that we are unable to send this product to Australia

Restricted Veterinary Medicine Available only under veterinary authorisation


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