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Rimadyl® LA 50ML

Fast and effective relief from inflammation, fever and pain

Long-acting - Nil Milk Withhold!

Inflammation, fever and pain can decrease production by delaying healing, decreasing food and water intake and impairing immune function

Non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs - NSAIDs for short - can help prevent this happening


They work in 3 ways:

  • Anti-inflammatory; meaning they reduce inflammation

  • Anti-pyretic; meaning they reduce body temperature to a normal level

  • Analgesic; meaning they reduce or alleviate pain

Fast and active
  • Reduces inflammation, which helps to prevent permanent tissue damage

  • Reduces fever and heart rate, indicators of pain

  • Aids in a rapid return to normal rumen function


Long Acting

Just one injection and the cow gets maximum benefit from the prolonged treatment effect

Nil Milk Withholding

This means there are no residue issues and treated cows can remain in supply, meaning less worry and more money in your pocket.

Even though it has nil milk withholding, it is effective at treating the site of inflammation in mastitis - the udder tissue

Withholding Period : Meat 28 days Milk Nil

Dosage and administration:

1ml/35kg bodyweight by subcutaneous or intravenous injection

500kg cow dose = 14.5ml


Restricted Veterinary Medicine Available only under veterinary authorisation

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